What is WebRacing?



WebRacing PelotonStudio based, multiple bike racing. It’s a Peloton, in the studio

Head To Head

Head to HeadTwo participants on bikes, rowers, cross trainer or treadmill race and motivate each other

Upgrading Fitness

Upgrading FitnessConversion kits are available to upgrade your existing fitness equipment to support WebRacing

Health Clubs

Health ClubsWebRacing is a great investment for health clubs. Improves motivation and membership retention

If you haven’t heard about WebRacing yet, read on, it’s exciting!

Imagine your workout on the exercise bike. You are racing friends, the countryside is flashing by. You can overtake another racer and fend off a challenge. It’s thrilling and you perform your best. But you are indoors, as are your friends. The countryside is created virtually and you and your friends are represnted on a big screen by avatars.

WebRacing Peloton – intended for clubs and gyms where a number of riders in the same space will compete individually or in teams.

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Webracing Head to Head – intended for smaller spaces, corporate gyms and hospitals. Head to Head is great for an instructor to lead a student or for a therapist to guide a patient.

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