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Cycling therapy for Parkinson’s patients

We like to stress how WebRacing can help people find new levels of motivation and we are proud of how we have helped so many people exercise more effectively. But even we get surprised at how a highly motivating exercise regime can be used. The linked article includes a video explaining how Parkinson’s Disease sufferers are being helped by cycling therapy.

Be encouraged!


“Most adults don’t exercise enough …” carried a sad but predictable story today.

“Most adults don’t exercise enough …”   it reported.

“It found about 8% of adults who were physically able to walk had not walked for even five minutes continuously during a four-week period, while 46% had not walked for leisure for more than 30 minutes continuously.

Researchers said 88% had not been swimming, 90% had not used a gym and around 20% of people over the age of 16 had done only minimal amounts of physical activity.”

Obviously some people will never bother to exercise. But probably many would do so if they were more motivated or found the activity more enjoyable.

We think the WebRacing range of products DO provide more fun and motivation. Explore the website and our videos, we’re sure you will agree.