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You’re Never Too Old!

Robert was 55 years old, overweight and couldn’t run about with his grand children. So he decided to do something about.

Now he’s 64 and looks like this. Pretty impressive, eh? Declining fitness with age is not inevitable.

Get Kids Going

WebRacing for KIds

WebRacing for KIds

There is no doubt that children need to be encouraged to get the exercise habit, but with electronic devices everywhere, how do you do that? How do you get kids going?

WebRacing puts action on a screen, but the action is dependent on muscles being used!

The picture shows a typical WebRacing Peloton set up. Each rider’s bike is linked to the WebRacing kiosk and is depicted as an avatar on the screen. As a rider exerts more effort, their avatar moves past slower riders. As the race gets underway, the riders become immersed in the race and motivated to try their hardest.

The WebRace is a screen based game, but not for couch potatoes. This is a video game that gets the heart pumping and the senses invigorated.

If you run a school or college and need to get your youngsters motivated, call us now.

LIW 2013

LIW 2013

LIW 2013

How was your LIW 2013? Ours went very well. There was a lot of interest in WebRacing and visitors were very interested in the way that the WebRacing principle is being picked up by healthcare providers as a motivational tool for getting vulnerable groups of people to exercise.

WebRacing as a tool to attract children to the exercise habit and for elderly people to fight off the effects of ageing provoked a lot of discussion.

Our SMOVE feet for exercise bikes also proved a big hit! Some recent exercise bikes have built in banking and leaning, but can cost around £2000. The SMOVE Feet replace the standard offering feet, create the banking effect and cost much, much less! See our SMOVE page for more details.