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Monthly Archives: September 2014

WebRacing On Show At Tour De France Start

The start of the Tour de France in Yorkshire was a major event. As well as the riders, their teams and the fans, all sorts of cycling related activity was going on. Naturally WebRacing was there.

We set up a 30 bike Peloton demonstration to show the many modes of operation and just how much fun it could be. The fans agreed. Lots of races took place and many people were introduced to the WebRacing concept.

WebaRacing is the future of fitness: motivational, safe and effective. Call 01342 315933 to find out more about getting webRacing in your club.

LIW 2014

We will be at the NEC Birmingham for Leisure Industry Week 30th Sept -2nd October on the Staffs Fitness stand H300.

Come and join in a demonstration of Peloton and see how the WebRacing technology works. We believe WebRacing is the future of exercise. Come and see for yourself.

Epic Aspen Trailer

WebRacing offers a whole variety of environments to cycle in. Peloton pits each rider or team of riders against each other for a race on the road or velodrome. Or you can choose some picturesque scenery, pick the music of your choice and off you go. WebRacing brings the world to your exercise bike.


Peloton Footage

Typical in-race footage from a Peloton race. A variety of angles and terrains.

On The Starting Line

Each avatar represents a real rider. When the race starts, the rider’s efforts are reflected in their relative position in the race. Increase the pace and move into the lead or slow down and risk being overtaken. It’s like road racing, but without the road.

peloton display

Caravan Show March 2014

WebRacing showed a demonstration of the Peloton at The Caravan Show. Six static bikes connected by wifi to the WebRacing kiosk, avatars appear on the big screen.

The demonstration attracted a lot of attention.

peloton at caravan show


Tour de France York 2014

WebRacing showed a major demonstration of Peloton at the start of the Tour de France in York.

webracing at tour de france

Picture above shows the static bikes linked wirelessly to the WebRacing kiosk. We’re ready to race.

webracing peloton

Each of the riders is represented by an avatar on screen that positions in the peleton acording to the rider’s level of effort. Push hard and get to the front!