Real fitness in a virtual world

Duncan Lawson

Gaming is good for the brain

We all know that physical exercise is good for the body and it has also been demonstrated that exercising the brain improves it’s effectiveness.

“Scientists from UC San Francisco — led by Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, UCSF associate professor of neurology, physiology and psychiatry and director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center — used a 3D car racing video game to train the brain in cognitive areas such as working memory and sustained attention. They wanted to see if training would have long-term results in cognitive performance.”

The results were impressive, more details here.

WebRacing is unique in combining both physical and mental exercise. When considering a programme to promote all aspects of health, we believe WebRacing can be a very useful tool.

What is WebRacing?

WebRacing allows riders of static exercise bikes to compete against each in races.

Each bike is linked to the others. A avatar for each rider appears on a screen that all riders can see. Riders that put in more effort go to the front. Just like a race on the road, but in a studio.

Take a look at our flyer.

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WebRacing in Paris

Fitness Parc gyms in Paris are the first French sites to offer WebRacing. They are opening up 2 bike studios with WebRacing Peloton software.

All bikes are linked in a virtual world for individual or team sessions and soon clubs will be able to race each other on line.

Fitness Parc offer state of the art gyms and see WebRacing as an important step forward in motivating and retaining their clients. For a taste of their gym environment, see their promotional video on YouTube.

Fitness Parc will be adding Peloton to their Lille site in October.