Head to Head

Race with a friend, WebRacing in the home

Webracing Head to Head is intended for use in the home and can be fitted to a variety of exercise machines. The picture shows rowing machines adapted for WebRacing. The machines can either be in the same space, or linked via the internet.

Head to Head Rowing


  • Two riders, rowers or runners on linked machines.
  • Both athletes can see their opponent on screen.
  • Effort level is reflected in on-screen performance.
  • Real time statistics show performance levels.
  • User can compete against saved Personal Bests from previous sessions.
  • Sessions are safe as they are indoors.

Head to Head is so flexible. If you two equipped machines in the same space, you can race in an immersive interactive experience. You can also hook up over the internet to race friends in different towns or country. The software ensures that it’s a realistic race experience. Real time statistics guide your workout and can be stored for later reference.

WebRacing Head to Head brings you together with fellow athletes. There’s no need to be the same room or even same country. Exercise in a safe environment, but with the spur of competition.

If you want to know more about the WebRacing Head to Head experience, call us on 01342 315933