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Real fitness in a virtual world

Epic Aspen Trailer

WebRacing offers a whole variety of environments to cycle in. Peloton pits each rider or team of riders against each other for a race on the road or velodrome. Or you can choose some picturesque scenery, pick the music of your choice and off you go. WebRacing brings the world to your exercise bike.


Peloton Footage

Typical in-race footage from a Peloton race. A variety of angles and terrains.

On The Starting Line

Each avatar represents a real rider. When the race starts, the rider’s efforts are reflected in their relative position in the race. Increase the pace and move into the lead or slow down and risk being overtaken. It’s like road racing, but without the road.

peloton display

Caravan Show March 2014

WebRacing showed a demonstration of the Peloton at The Caravan Show. Six static bikes connected by wifi to the WebRacing kiosk, avatars appear on the big screen.

The demonstration attracted a lot of attention.

peloton at caravan show


Tour de France York 2014

WebRacing showed a major demonstration of Peloton at the start of the Tour de France in York.

webracing at tour de france

Picture above shows the static bikes linked wirelessly to the WebRacing kiosk. We’re ready to race.

webracing peloton

Each of the riders is represented by an avatar on screen that positions in the peleton acording to the rider’s level of effort. Push hard and get to the front!


Latest News July 2014

Interest in cycling is at a peak as the UK plays host to the opening stages of the Tour de France. During this time ITV studios in London, Manchester and Leeds will be using WebRacing to have a virtual cycle race between the studios.

If you are in the USA and close to a Bloomingdales this autimn, pop in and see the demonstration of Peloton. 4-6 bike set ups will be in 32 stores nationwide.

The technology constantly moves on and clubs now have option to add real life videos and music to the Webracing peloton bike studio set up .

Exercise Bikes that are WebRacing ready

There are a number of state of the art exercise bikes that support our system out of the box, no added sensor needed:

• Schwinn® AC Performance, AC Performance Plus and AC Sport Bikes

• FreeMotion® Bikes

• Lemond® Revmaster II

• BODY BIKE Connect

• WattBike

• Star Trac® Spinner® NXT, Elite, Pro, V, and Velo bikes with Spinning® Computer

• Star Trac® Spinner® Blade ION

• Johnson ICG bikes

You can add WebRacing to the above bikes just by buying the Cycling Software pack . Just call 01342 315933 and we will advise what you need.

Tour de France

The Tour will still be run on the road! But in conjunction with Yorkshire Fitness Hire we wil be providing a 30 bike Webracing peloton set up at the start of the Tour de France in Leeds on May 5th. That looks like a big day for indoor and outdoor cycling fans.

UK University Sport

We are looking forward to our first meeting with directors of Sport and British Universities (BUCS)on 21st March to plan an inter-university Webracing set up. Varsity matches are always keenly contested and we are sure WebRacing events will follow the tradition.

WebRacing at the NEC Birmingham

A demonstration of WebRacing was on show at the camping and Caravanning Show at the NEC Birmingham recently. Here’s some video of people racing virtually.


Schwinn AC and Startrac Ion Bikes

We have now completed tests on Schwinn AC and Startrac Ion bikes that have sensor systems and consoles built in. We are please to report they are fully compatible with WebRacing software. So you can now enjoy the benefits of WebRacing on these machines.

Call us on 01342 315933 to order.

Get some help with your goals from WebRacing

We all know that goals are vitally important in achieving our fitness aims.

“I want to get fitter” could mean anything. “I want to be able to cycle 10k in 20 minutes” means something very specific. The first cannot be measured and verified whereas the second definitely can be.

WebRacing offers some very helpful tools when it comes to achieving measureable goals.

Firstly, the ability to exercise with other people provides the extra stimulus to push that little bit harder. Secondly, WebRacing produces a very comprehensive data set from each session. If you need to know how much effort you made, how far you travelled and how long it took, all that data is available to you. So over time, you can plot the progress to your goals in detail.

If you are serious about setting and achieving your fitness goals, consider using WebRacing as part of your programme. WebRacing is available for the home and as an upgrade of existing exercise machines. WebRacing is also increasingly available in health clubs as classes.

Muhammed Ali said “What keeps me going is goals”. Get some help with your goals from WebRacing.

WebRacing is the New Wave of Indoor Cycling

Duncan was interviewed by at the LIW show. See WebRacing in action:

WebRacing is a great way of energising your indoor cycling activities. Group sessions become competitive and motivational (although the software ensures that no one get’s left behind). Each rider sees themself in action, in the Peloton. They see the other riders in relation to each other and the effect of extra effort.

Indoor Cycling

WebRacing is a great way for indoor cycling classes to come alive. For cycling clubs to keep going when the weather is bad, for Triathlon clubs to compete against each other. Existing cycling studios can be upgraded to WebRacing Peloton by the adaptation of the bikes and the addition of the WebRacing kiosk and screen.

If it’s time to invest in your cycling studio, get in touch with Duncan on 01342 315933

Orthopaedic Unit at Nuffield Hospital

WebRacing installation at Nuffield HospitalThe Orthopaedic Unit at Nuffield Hospital in Oxford, part of the John Radcliffe Group, deal with children (up to 18 years of age ) who have long term chronic and often painful conditions that limit them physically.

Long term pain affects patients psychologically and encourages them to withdraw from participating in physical activity and exercise. However improved fitness and strength improve the ability to deal with chronic pain.

The Orthopaedic Unit ‘s doctors and physiotherapists wanted to build an interactive area to get their patients physically active, slowly build up the strength of the patients , and to measure the results .

The charitable trust that supports the unit agreed to fund this work.

WebRacing software was identified as the ideal way to mentally engage the patients and also to record performance. We were asked to put together proposals for a suitable installation. WebRacing UK worked closely with the unit’s staff to understand the needs of patients and the programme.

To date WebRacing UK have provided:

Interactive wall

Webracing bikes for small and young adult sized children with cycling WebRacing software.

Fluid Rower with WebRacing rowing software.

Cross trainer with nordic skiing WebRacing software.

An existing treadmill updated to run WebRacing software.

An interactive football game that can be played in a small space.

T-Bow curved exercise boards to work on balance and coordination. T-bow also adds extra possibilities to an interactive wall game.

Also installed a Kinnect playstation set up.

Further equipment will be added in the coming months.

The objective is to provide stimulating, motivational exercise opportunities. By exercising in an environment they enjoy, the patients are more likely to achieve greater improvements. The hope is that they exercise their way to improved health and mobility.

We had the privilege of seeing one of the young patients leave her wheelchair and take to the rower, quite mesmerised by the concept of rowing on a virtual River Thames. We are proud to be part of this work and look forward to working with similar units in the future.

WebRacing in Oxford

Nuffield Orthopaedic CentreNuffield Orthopaedic Centre








We have recently installed Webracing equipment at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford.

WebRacing provides a motivating exercise experience, which can be in a supportive environment. This is especially important for people seeking to regain mobility or who would not be comfortable in a gym or club environment. Workouts can be recorded and progress plotted. WebRacing is a great tool for doctors and therapists seeking to retain and improve the fitness of their patients.

SMOVE tec feet

SMOVE tec feetThese items proved to be a big hit at LIW. They are replacement feet for exercise bikes that allow the bike to sway and bank as if you were riding a normal wheeled bike. They are inexpensive compared with similar products and bring a whole new dimension to you exercise bike experience.

Visit our dedicated SMOVE page to find out more.

You’re Never Too Old!

Robert was 55 years old, overweight and couldn’t run about with his grand children. So he decided to do something about.

Now he’s 64 and looks like this. Pretty impressive, eh? Declining fitness with age is not inevitable.

Get Kids Going

WebRacing for KIds

WebRacing for KIds

There is no doubt that children need to be encouraged to get the exercise habit, but with electronic devices everywhere, how do you do that? How do you get kids going?

WebRacing puts action on a screen, but the action is dependent on muscles being used!

The picture shows a typical WebRacing Peloton set up. Each rider’s bike is linked to the WebRacing kiosk and is depicted as an avatar on the screen. As a rider exerts more effort, their avatar moves past slower riders. As the race gets underway, the riders become immersed in the race and motivated to try their hardest.

The WebRace is a screen based game, but not for couch potatoes. This is a video game that gets the heart pumping and the senses invigorated.

If you run a school or college and need to get your youngsters motivated, call us now.