Race individually or in teams, in clubs and gyms. Also known as Group Virtual Cycling

Peloton Studio

Webracing Peloton is a great option for clubs or gyms considering how to equip a new studio space, or to upgrade from a familiar indoor cycling environment.


  • Upto 32 riders can race as a peloton, either as individuals or teams.
  • Every rider is represented on screen by a distinctive avatar.
  • The rider’s effort level is reflected in on-screen performance.
  • Real time statistics show both team and individual performance.

This is a truly interactive experience. Pedal harder and you move up the peloton. See fellow riders challenging you and respond. Work as a team and see real time results.

WebRacing Peloton is all the thrill and effort of a road race, without the lorries, hail, potholes and traffic lights!

If you want to know more about equipping your club with WebRacing Peloton, call us on 01342 315933

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Product Details :

  • Riders appear in virtual reality environment.
  • 18 race tracks available.
  • 32 bikes can be managed in a single Peloton studio by a single PC.
  • ANT Speed & ANT Power sensors can be used along with our bespoke wireless system.
  • Course, time or distance on any track can be programmed.
  • A week ahead can be programmed with some 30 sessions.

No one is left behind! The basic premise of WebRacing is that it is a motivational tool and within the Peloton no rider gets dropped no matter what the range of abilities is.

WebRacing can be set up to display information appropriate to the culture of the race. Information includes:

  • Average speed since start of session.
  • Average speed in last 5 mins.
  • Fastest speed now.

Bikes can overtake and change position within the Peloton, only at the end of the session are real distances covered per rider displayed.

Option to sprint to the finish, if this is activated Peloton is broken up for last 500 metres of a session.

The system has ability to hold and speed,distance, power, heart rate , calories and can handle steering if equipment capable.

Riders can identify themselves by:

  • Sex of rider.
  • Bike number.
  • Riders name.
  • Colour of shirt.

Sessions can be run for individuals or teams set up (drag and drop option). Team riders will have same colour shirts and collective data used, all riders seen on screen.

All operations can be performed off-line (riders interact with others in the same studio) or on-line with inter-club sessions.

Visit the Group Virtual Cycling website for more information.