sandra_logo_final_170pWhen riding a bike on the road, the bicycle is frequently leaning away from the vertical. When banking in a corner or powering up a steep climb, for example. This is a motion missing from static exercise bikes, until now. The SMOVE system allows the exercise bike to sway and lean just like a wheeled bike.

As well as providing a more realistic experience, the lateral movement of the bike brings more muscle groups into play and provides a much better core muscle workout. More benefit from the workout and more calories burned per session.

SMOVE tec feet are an excellent companion to the WebRacing virtual racing experience. Greater realism means greater immersion and a better experience.


SMOVE tec feet come in pairs to replace the bike’s original feet and cost £275 ex VAT per pair. Shipping £19.99 per pair. The feet are easy to fit with normal household tools. Just remove the original feet and bolt on the SMOVE tec feet.

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Additional muscles activated by SMOVE

Currently available from stock:

Startrac NXT feet [wp_cart_button name=”SMOVE Startrac NXT feet inc VAT and shipping” price=”353.99″]
Schwinn Evolution feet [wp_cart_button name=”Schwinn Evolution feet inc VAT and shipping” price=”353.99″]
Tomahawk E& S Series feet [wp_cart_button name=”Tomahawk E& S Series feet inc VAT and shipping” price=”353.99″]

We can also obtain feet for the following bikes: Schwinn AC & IC bikes , Startrac Spinner Pro & Velo bikes and Body Bikes. Please call us to order these items on 01342 315933

Smove locksIf you need to lock the bike upright for a specific workout, just use these SMOVE locks. Quick and easy to use, you now have the option of a fixed or banking bike. £22 exc VAT [wp_cart_button name=”SMOVE locks inc VAT and shipping” price=”26.4″]

See SMOVE tec feet in action

smove tec feet in class