Real fitness in a virtual world


Orthopaedic Unit at Nuffield Hospital

WebRacing installation at Nuffield HospitalThe Orthopaedic Unit at Nuffield Hospital in Oxford, part of the John Radcliffe Group, deal with children (up to 18 years of age ) who have long term chronic and often painful conditions that limit them physically.

Long term pain affects patients psychologically and encourages them to withdraw from participating in physical activity and exercise. However improved fitness and strength improve the ability to deal with chronic pain.

The Orthopaedic Unit ‘s doctors and physiotherapists wanted to build an interactive area to get their patients physically active, slowly build up the strength of the patients , and to measure the results .

The charitable trust that supports the unit agreed to fund this work.

WebRacing software was identified as the ideal way to mentally engage the patients and also to record performance. We were asked to put together proposals for a suitable installation. WebRacing UK worked closely with the unit’s staff to understand the needs of patients and the programme.

To date WebRacing UK have provided:

Interactive wall

Webracing bikes for small and young adult sized children with cycling WebRacing software.

Fluid Rower with WebRacing rowing software.

Cross trainer with nordic skiing WebRacing software.

An existing treadmill updated to run WebRacing software.

An interactive football game that can be played in a small space.

T-Bow curved exercise boards to work on balance and coordination. T-bow also adds extra possibilities to an interactive wall game.

Also installed a Kinnect playstation set up.

Further equipment will be added in the coming months.

The objective is to provide stimulating, motivational exercise opportunities. By exercising in an environment they enjoy, the patients are more likely to achieve greater improvements. The hope is that they exercise their way to improved health and mobility.

We had the privilege of seeing one of the young patients leave her wheelchair and take to the rower, quite mesmerised by the concept of rowing on a virtual River Thames. We are proud to be part of this work and look forward to working with similar units in the future.