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WebRacing is the New Wave of Indoor Cycling

Duncan was interviewed by at the LIW show. See WebRacing in action:

WebRacing is a great way of energising your indoor cycling activities. Group sessions become competitive and motivational (although the software ensures that no one get’s left behind). Each rider sees themself in action, in the Peloton. They see the other riders in relation to each other and the effect of extra effort.

Indoor Cycling

WebRacing is a great way for indoor cycling classes to come alive. For cycling clubs to keep going when the weather is bad, for Triathlon clubs to compete against each other. Existing cycling studios can be upgraded to WebRacing Peloton by the adaptation of the bikes and the addition of the WebRacing kiosk and screen.

If it’s time to invest in your cycling studio, get in touch with Duncan on 01342 315933