Real fitness in a virtual world

Get some help with your goals from WebRacing

We all know that goals are vitally important in achieving our fitness aims.

“I want to get fitter” could mean anything. “I want to be able to cycle 10k in 20 minutes” means something very specific. The first cannot be measured and verified whereas the second definitely can be.

WebRacing offers some very helpful tools when it comes to achieving measureable goals.

Firstly, the ability to exercise with other people provides the extra stimulus to push that little bit harder. Secondly, WebRacing produces a very comprehensive data set from each session. If you need to know how much effort you made, how far you travelled and how long it took, all that data is available to you. So over time, you can plot the progress to your goals in detail.

If you are serious about setting and achieving your fitness goals, consider using WebRacing as part of your programme. WebRacing is available for the home and as an upgrade of existing exercise machines. WebRacing is also increasingly available in health clubs as classes.

Muhammed Ali said “What keeps me going is goals”. Get some help with your goals from WebRacing.